Friday, January 15, 2010

What if...

What could save your job?

In the spirit of layoffs and the corporate belt tightening plaguing our nation, I have been pondering this very question for a couple days now.

Instigated by an email from one of my firm's Partners that said, in a nutshell - they had let someone go from one of our offices, but this was not the beginning of a round of layoffs.

I do believe him...for now. The last time we 'laid off' or rather let someone conveniently go was just about a year ago. Two people in the course of 13 months is not too bad by today's standards. However, being in a non-billable, overhead position keeps me a little nervous.

What had the chance to create a single dish that would mean the difference between having a job or not? What would that dish be?

In this game there are no loopholes...the final judgement would simply be whether your bosses think the dish falls in the EXCELLENT category.

If the dish is good, you're gone.
OK...well you're just toast.
If EXCELLENT, then they would want to have it again, so will keep you around.

So I ask you my friends, if there is one dish you could make that has the power to persuade, convince or even beg for assurance of a continued livelihood, what would that dish be? If you stay at home, then let's say it would be your significant other's job at stake??

Now don't be looking at me for answers this early...I have NO IDEA! I am officially adding this What if... Challenge to the mix. Stay tuned and share your thoughts!


  1. the tribe has spokenFebruary 1, 2010 at 6:44 PM

    oh my - if i had to cook a meal to save my job, they would certainly fire me. and because it was so pathetic, they'd fire my significant other too, just out of spite.

    but this challenge reminds me of the TV show Survivor => contestants who otherwise have nothing going for them have learned that if they can cook or provide food for their starving tribe-mates...they have a much better chance of living to see another day at the beach. however those that break the spear fishing harpoon, lose the fishing hooks, or set the chickens free are goners.

  2. great connection there! We'll have to put a new spin on the next one...hunting and gathering. Perhaps the summer will inspire such a challenge!! Thanks for the comment!