Sunday, January 17, 2010

Chocolate Croissants

Who doesn't love a good croissant?

Buttery, flaky...just scrumptious!

My husband's most favorite thing for breakfast is a good chocolate croissant. Armed with my new cookbook Baking by James Peterson, I scored off the charts on the hubby's food scale with this one!
Getting things started with some yeast.

This dough has the most unbelievable's sooo soft and supple.

This is truly a first.
Lay a butter sheet on half the dough, fold...
Roll, then fold in thirds (like a letter) and roll again.
After a couple times the dough gets a rest in the fridge to cool the butter.

Roll and fold, roll and fold.

Look at those layers!
Dough, butter, dough, butter, etc.

Filled with lots of chocolate and having a final rest before they head to the oven.

Homemade Chocolate Croissants!

We actually ate and gave away the best looking ones before I took a picture (my bad).

The hubby LOVED them...and our awesome neighbor, who happened to show his awesomeness again that particular day by clearing the driveway, also relayed their goodness!

The one pictured here is from the tray I accidentally set on a warm baking stone just before going to the oven. The butter layers began melting into one another...oops! Not a great idea, cause it produced a bread-like inner texture rather than flaky pastry goodness.

This is a must do again!

Not to mention, if you've never tried making this flaky dough from it! The process and end result are well worth, I promise!!

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