Thursday, January 7, 2010

Baby It's Cold Outside!

On this particularly freezing evening I wanted
Round II of spicy Thai Curry!

My semi-homemade version however is very creamy and green :O)

The Secret...Green Curry Paste from a can, Coconut CREAM (not milk...there is a difference) and fish sauce. I can thank my half-Thai sister-in-law for these tid-bits...our family is like an Asian Invasion! I should also note that her curry, no matter the color, is much more authentic and delicious...mine is merely a knock off version.

I think the Red Pepper either ate a Green One

or it was about it give birth to one.

Mix it all up and simmer.

Looks creamy eh?

Add some mushrooms
(I've been absolutely addicted to mushrooms lately...can't get enough!)

Taking on a lot of flavor!

My rice.

It's even easier than my simple curry...I have a nifty Korean rice cooker that does all the work. It's actually the same one I have from my Frosh year in college (yes, we need to upgrade soon to the family sized's getting hard to entertain with this mini version).

His and Hers.

On this particular night we used shrimp...

It was so warming and wonderful...and the leftovers were even better!!

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