Monday, January 25, 2010

Braised Ribs & Guava Braising Liquid/BBQ Sauce

Over a year ago we had a wonderful dinner at my sister-in-laws where she created some delicious braised country style ribs with a homemade BBQ braising liquid. They were such a hit that since then the hubby has been periodically requesting them...

Finally, motivated by hub's requests and my new 2007 F&W recipe book purchase, I decided to recreate this dish with my own twist.

What caught my eye in the book was a recipe for Guava BBQ sauce! I love guava...every time I think of it I recall this delicious sorbet I once had a dinner club gathering a couple years ago. Wishfully willing another taste of the cool and absolutely fantastic chilly dessert, I jumped at the idea of this a braising liquid!

The original recipe calls for guava paste...nope don't got none of that in my grocery store OR in the big, has almost everything natural food store in town. What I did find was guava jelly. The sweetness in my mind would work perfectly in BBQ sauce!

In addition to the jelly I had to dig out some dark rum.

I bet you're really liking where this is going!?!?!

We also need some lime juice.

Please all take a moment to notice the new fancy juicer I found in my Christmas stocking from the folks...LOVE!

Other ingredients include a couple scallions, apple cider vinegar, worcestershire, tomato paste, brown sugar, ummm...then pretty much anything I found that thought would make it tasty!

The Country and Southern Style Ribs I picked up were browned on the stove top in the Le Creuset, smothered in the braising liquid and set in the oven covered for about 2.5 hours.

I basted and rotated them every 15-30 minutes to ensure good coverage.

Toward the end of cooking, I removed some of the liquid and condensed it on the stove top.

The braised ribs were arranged on a cookie sheet and thoroughly covered in the thick-n-sticky Guava BBQ sauce and went back in to the over for about 30 minutes.

The final product!



and TASTED....absolutely FABULOUS!!

They were so good, I made a big batch the following week for the hubby to enjoy while I went off for a weekend hockey tourney!!
I have a feeling we'll be making these rather routinely, or at least using the cooking method again...these are INCREDIBLE!
Blog follower (and old college floormate) EFthePC also recently just shared a recipe for her short ribs with we'll have to give those slow cooked beauties a try as well!


  1. I used to drink a Pineapple Guava juice from Very Fine every day in high school. It was delicious. I'm trying this! What would you say your ratios were?

  2. Oh you should try doing a Pineapple Guava combo in the braising liquid!! Maybe cut some of the water out and fill or replace with pineapple juice...or guava pineapple juice! Have fun Hussy!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Full recipe for others interested is in the next post!

  4. damn that shit sounds good. I have never had a good experience with braising ribs but I will have to reference this...