Monday, January 4, 2010

Lavash Treat

My first try at a homemade yeast cracker...or rather cracker bread!

Typically a thin soft bread, this Lavash recipe creates beautiful crunchy crackers.

They were a huge hit this holiday! I do recommend pairing with hummus or soft cheeses, as it is a very dry one.


White on white
Mix it all up.
Add olive oil & water.
Kind of looks like a strange planet's surface up close??
Time to wait, but of course!
This was the hardest part, roll the dough until super thin!
My dough was a bit elastic...I think this was because I did not knead/mix as long as I should have, or maybe I was just a little short on water.
Decorate with poppy & kosher salt.

Toasted sesame seeds & salt.

Birdseye view.

The finished product!
Just snap and serve.

I will definitely attempt this again!

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