Thursday, February 10, 2011

Food Scroll #5 : The Wild Cabbage is in High Demand

Brussels Spouts are often unjustly cast away into the 'dislike' category by so many.

Hubs was one of these people at one point in time...but I've since converted him.

Loved by my mother in law and veg-head aunt, I produced these scrumptious little heads of wild cabbage for both Turkey Day and Christmas.

Now I have a feeling Roasted Brussels Sprout may have found a permanent place on our holiday tables.

Trimmed and halved Brussels Sprouts, Canola Oil, Salt/Pepper - Roasted in Oven

Finished off with lots of Lemon Zest and served.

The roasting of these suckers is what converted bitter flavor here!

Go on, give this a try...the kids might even like it if you call it something else :)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Food Scroll #4 : XMas 2010 Contribution

I dropped the ball big time this holiday season.

I didn't go all out for the holidays this fact I didn't even come close to the crazy food offerings of 2009 - No breads, tarts, PB balls or cookies

I guess you could say I temporarily put the family traditions on hold...there was simply no time for over ambition.

What I did do, which was a HUGE hit with Hubs and my SoVT fam, were these little crispy ham and cheese bites.

 Made the dough and piped each one out myself...pretty impressive eh?

Hubs is already requesting these again...

Maybe for Easter :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Food Scroll #3 : FT4Me's Best Beef Stew...Ever!!

Dreamy looking photo isn't it?

Yeah, that's no fancy camera effect...
just some regular old steam from my delicious Beef Stew of 2011!
The goods.

I found a good looking hunk of bottom round on sale this particular weekend, which led to this awesome creation! 

Tried something new...coating with flour before the browning.

In my Ode to Julia/Christening of Le Creuset, she instructed to sprinkle flour after the brown...

...but I think this worked better. 
Would you look at that, it's perfect!

Time to get the cauldron going.
Olive Oil, Garlic, Onion go into the pan used to brown the meat.

 Whole Baby Carrots, Celery, Baby Potatoes and Bay Leaves join the pot.

I am not sure this makes a difference or not, but I tend to season (salt/pepper, thyme) with each addition.
I particularly LOVE the smell of dried thyme when in the garlic/onion stage.

In goes a bottle of Bordeaux (I think this really helped to kick things up a notch on the deliciousness scale), then some beef stock and we simmer until thick.

FT4Me's Best Stew Ever!

Food Scroll #2: Spicy Asian Style Shrimp on Salad

 This is not the exact salad we had for dinner last night...but it's pretty gosh darn similar and simple.

Shrimp is super easy and fast...the nights we have it mean
1) I just don't have time/energy to really cook something up or
2) I am just flat out craving these creatures of the sea (sooo good!).

(Olive Oil, Garlic, Chinese Red Chili Sauce...then Shrimp, Salt/Pepper)

All piled high on a crispy, colorful salad.
I like to finish mine off with an Asian Sesame Vinaigrette

Quick, lite, tasty and Hubs approved!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Food Scroll #1 : First Time Since...BBQ Chicken & Double Side of Veg

Over-worked and over extended...but we're not starving!

I have many, many pics stored up with every intention of getting back into this blogging thing...however as I've said before life happens and unfortunately this time around the blog did not make the cut.

Filled with guilt and motivation not to let this thing die, I've decided that yes, I will continue to post the with or without narrative there WILL BE FOOD! 

For those days I have something to write, I will...and for those times I just can't find the time, I won't.  Maybe this is a half-ass attempt at blogging, but at least it's not fallen into the category of 'started and never finished'...well at least not yet haha!

In the end you'll have some delicious pics to scroll through and maybe even some ideas to gain to bring into your own households :)

Food Scroll #1 : First Time Since...BBQ Chicken & Double Side of Veg

Hubs second 'first time since' dinner I prepared (of course at his request) was BBQ Chicken.

My brother in law picked up some authentic southern BBQ rub and sauce during one of his business trips...

of course at the request of my always thinking sister in law...and we were even given some of the goods!

Grilled Asparagus

(Asparagus, Canola Oil, Salt/Pepper - Grill)

Roasted Sweet Potatoes
a Hubs fav for sides

(Roughly chopped Sweet Potatoes, Olive Oil, Salt/Pepper, Garlic Powder, Cayenne Pepper - 425 degree oven)

BBQ Chicken and a Double Side of Veg

This stuff was spicy...but in a good way, YUM!
Thanks for the goods Family :)