Thursday, February 10, 2011

Food Scroll #5 : The Wild Cabbage is in High Demand

Brussels Spouts are often unjustly cast away into the 'dislike' category by so many.

Hubs was one of these people at one point in time...but I've since converted him.

Loved by my mother in law and veg-head aunt, I produced these scrumptious little heads of wild cabbage for both Turkey Day and Christmas.

Now I have a feeling Roasted Brussels Sprout may have found a permanent place on our holiday tables.

Trimmed and halved Brussels Sprouts, Canola Oil, Salt/Pepper - Roasted in Oven

Finished off with lots of Lemon Zest and served.

The roasting of these suckers is what converted bitter flavor here!

Go on, give this a try...the kids might even like it if you call it something else :)

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