Sunday, January 17, 2010

Blog Identity...for my hubby

As the most important person in my life, and someone who shows up most often in the blog, my husband has officially earned the right for his very own blog-identity.

I tried asking him what he thought would be fitting...

Some people think he resembles Dennis Pedroa, so I pitched this one his way only to have it slugged back with a bit fat no.

Green Mountain Boy seemed fitting for professional reasons...not to mention I kind of like that he is a Green Mountain Boy, cause my hockey team is the Green Mountain Girls! Still he is not interested.

He then threw out the idea of being called Brooks. Where he came up with that one who knows...and this time it was my turn to say sorry no, we need imagination, creativity, pizzazz, etc.

Some ideas I may still try...

Ben & Jerry, since he is one of their biggest consumers, critics and flavor idea contributors.
OR how about Chubby Hubby, it's his favorite Ben & Jerry pint afterall?!?! [By the way, there is nothing chubby about my hubby!] Probably not the best option, cause I'd come off as a mean name caller.

Tom Colicchio would be nice. Chef, Restaurateur, and Top Chef Judge makes him one of those folks I'd love to meet. Not to mention they share a similar fashion sense when it comes to hairstyle.

Good Eats is a possibility, it's his favorite food show to watch. But this may have the potential to get a little confusing.

A well-suited blog-ID for him is imperative, as it will also need to create a catchy name for his food rating scale.



  1. Since he's your number one tester, I'm thinking Mr. Tester-one. Or Testerone. Or Testosterone, since he's a guy's guy too.

  2. Oh that's good Hussy! Love the play on!! A 'guy's guy' eh?? haha!