Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sage'd Cutlets

A member of the mint family, sage is a wonderful herb. Not as commonly used in cooking as it once was, it has been held in high regard throughout history, both for its culinary and medicinal properties.

The scientific name, Salvia officinalis is derived from the Latin word, salvere, which means "to be saved". I wish I could say I figured this out on my own with 4 years of high school Latin and Chemistry degree under my belt...but sadly no (thanks google!).

Our Dinner Menu
Sage'd/Breaded Pork Cutlets
Roasted Sweet Potatoes
The Homemaker's Garden Salad
Baguette with Garlic-Red Pepper Flake Dipping Oil

Sweet Potatoes have been on sale at our grocery store for a couple of weeks now. I finally broke down and bought some.
They turned out to be a mighty compliment to the Sage'd Cutlets!

Simply dressed in Olive Oil, Salt & Pepper.

Fresh Sage from a herb bundle I purchased days before.

I am glad to have found a delicious way to use it!

The Pork.

Our cutlets after me working out the day's frustrations with my handy mallet.

The Sage'd Bread Crumbs.

The Sage'd Cutlets!

This is our 'go to' for dipping oils.
Homemade concoction of EVOO (non-Rachel Ray fans, this is extra virgin olive oil), pinch of salt/pepper, a healthy sprinkle of red pepper flake and an obscene amount of fresh garlic...

A typical Salad at our house.

Our Fresh Sage'd Cutlet!

My apologies for the poor lighting, but our dining room at the time was consumed with holiday wrappings/packages...instead our meal was served family stylish at our Korean Table on the floor of the living room.
It was right up there on the hubby's food scale too...he offered a comment that the magic of breading and frying anything would rank high for him. Always so helpful, haha!

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