Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Welcome to a new year of life...

I'm here, really! A person does need to eat after all...
My recent efforts in the kitchen have been more on the level of 'arranging.' There has been very little, if any actual cooking. I arrange mixed greens on a plate, sprinkle on some matchstick carrots, red onion, sugar snap peas and call that my salad. On the side I've heated up pre-made frozen turkey burgers. Awful, I know!

Well yesterday was my birthday and if you know me at all that is a big day. In my mind every one's birthday should be treated as a personal holiday. My Hubs is the best about my birthday and lets me be the self-proclaimed Princess I want to be. As usual, I was scheduled to take the day off from work with ambitions to treat myself even with him gone.

May 3, 2010 - The weather was pretty threatening, making for a very gray morning. Beginning with our daily walk, Pups and I tried some new sections of the town's bike path. The walk was very enjoyable and nicely different, it happened to include views of my most favorite golf course!

As we walked parallel to the long 16th fairway, my phone rang. It was Hubs, up early to be my first birthday call!! It was great timing, the 16th hole is his favorite hole on the course and it was nice to be out there sharing the morning with him.

As we neared the end of our walk we passed by a run down vacant house. Perched in each of the two second story windows were enormous vultures! Their red heads looked at each other then turn and stared me. This was one of those instances, you wished you had a camera on you. Darn!!

The giant birds perfectly filled the window frames and intimidated me the observant passer by...who was then stopped dead in my tracks. I've never seen such beastly birds in town/the city...but there they were, it was pretty amazing and I couldn't help but think what a great shot that would be for a book cover. Anyway...

After our walk, I decided to head to the grocery store to find me some bday brunch!

This is how my 2010 bday 'arrangement' went...

Atop freshly sliced seeded baguette we have...

triple cream cheese & fig sauce

some of the store's specially made chicken liver mousse
(acquired taste I know...)

and smoked salmon with onions, capers and crème fraiche.

So another year of life begins...
Happy Birthday Brunch to Me!


  1. Glad to see you're back! looks like a lovely feast, and I'm glad you got to talk to your husband on your bday!!

  2. Thanks so much Bethany! It's been taking a bit of getting used to, but I'm working at it!!! Gotta get back on the cooking, blogging and blog reading wagon!!