Thursday, May 20, 2010

B&A Do it Again...Mexican Fiesta!

Before I get into the fabulous 2010 Annual B&A Event, here are a few words from Wiki for a 'Mexican Fiesta' - "...many of the fiestas, especially the nonreligious ones, are a mixture of Mexican and American cultures. They may attract participants from across the whole community. "

A mixture...why yes! Not only did the annual party boast a traditional Mexican theme with great food and drinks...but it also celebrated this year - The Preakness!!

Held on the third Saturday of May, this Maryland based horse race is just the second of the coveted Triple Crown. Having never really followed, bet on, or just known much about horse racing, this was a learning experience. I have come to understand this race (and the Triple Crown for that matter) is dedicated to excellence in three-year-old thoroughbred horses. When I googled this trinal of races, it was interesting to find that no single horse has swept the series since 1978...the year my father graduated high school and years before my life began.

At the party, next to the pitcher of margaritas and extensive variety of Mexican Beer, was a pitcher of Black Eyed Susan...the official taste of the Preakness. Until now I thought the Mint Julep was the festive horse racing beverage of choice...but it turns out this is reserved for The Kentucky Derby. The Preakness has the Black Eyed Susan and the Belmont (I've learned) used to be a White Carnation (until 1998), but since transitioned to the Belmont Breeze.

When I learned of the mixed drink's elements, I couldn't help but think of it as a turbo charged Mai Tai. The two drinks share in common - rum, triple sec, orange juice, and pineapple juice...but the Black Eyed Susan also includes vodka and lime.

In the past A's mixed drinks, especially her delicious margaritas, have quite literally kicked my butt. Always so smooth and tasty, they are sneaky drinks that you don't feel set in until after you've had a few...and then WHAM! This year I stuck mostly to beer...Pacifico of course, with a few sips of good tequila.

At kick off (not sure what the start of a race is supposed to be called), we all gathered around the television. In just a couple of minutes, we were done and Lookin' at Lucky won! It was an exciting couple of minutes...but really, all that build up for a race that is over before you've even taken a second sip of your drink?!?! It came and it went...the big Americana element of the day over (minus the games of horseshoes and some delicious dishes, which lasted through the evening).

Now about the food...

Shame on me, but I didn't give proper attention to photo'ging all of the day's delicious offerings...I was too busy eating!

Above are Jalapeno Poppers created by a guest. These were great! I've never attempted to make them before and seems it would be a lot of work to stuff them. While it is a simple idea, I never thought of doing it, so will commend the guest for his smart approach to these...he cut them in half! Also the crunchy outside...corn flakes!! Very tasty, with a kick you'd expect from such poppers...I ate my fair share :o)

Guacamole...but of course, we're at a Mexican Fiesta and you gotta have it!

There were also a bunch of different salsas...homemade salsa, hot salsa, wimpy (aka mild) salsa etc.

Now here is something I had never had before - Moros y Cristianos (I think that is what it was called). A traditional Cuban black beans and rice dish.

Absolutely delicious! Included in this recipe are olives, which gave it a wonderful salty zing!!

We had enchiladas this year...a variety from veggie to chicken. I don't need to say it, but these were freakin' awesome!

I wasn't there for 10 minutes before I dug into the fresh batch just pulled from the oven. So good in fact this was all that was left when I remembered to take a pic. YUM!!!

Now here we have what appears to be a tomato, basil and mozzarella platter, which is of course always a delicious combination.

But you know what is so special about this platter?!?!

The mozzarella is homemade!!!


Can you believe it?!?!? This is incredible!

It was tasty, soft, delicious...and motivating! I need to try this!!!

Of course I had to pick their brain about it and learn the hows/whys of this amazing feat. Seems they have taken a cheese making class and are already into mozzarella, ricotta and feta...with talk about moving into chèvre!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What more can I say, these folks are superheros in my mind and I want to be just like them...I want to make MY OWN CHEESE!

The 2010 Mexican Fiesta was fabulous, as expected. I contributed my batch of Bridezilla's Mexican Hot Chocolate Brownies (which were gobbled up) and I ate...then I ate some more...

I got to talk about the food, have a few drinks and just unwind :o)

Americana with a taste of Mexico (and Cuba), thank you B&A...I'm already looking forward to the next one!!


  1. Glad you could make it! Thanks for the post and photos.

    FYI, the beginning of a horse race is called post time.

  2. It was my two throw the best gathering!!

    Ah, 'Post Time' that does sound better than 'kick off' haha!