Monday, December 7, 2009

Twas the day after Thanksgiving...

Thanksgiving was over and with our pants a little snugger, we welcomed the holiday season with guilt and mutter...

This was our first Thanksgiving as husband and wife. We did what was expected and ran around to our various family dinners. As luck would have it, we managed to sneak away without too many leftovers and the typical task of trying to live off creative turkey menus for the next week.

If you're like us on Thanksgiving, you indulge. The dizzying options before you are too much to resist. On this faithful day after thanksgiving, I entered the grocery store with excitement, for I was going to attempt something lite and refreshing!

Mixing things up a bit I started with the protein options. Working my way down the meat cooler, I passed the butcher counter, until I found myself staring at the seafood.

I occasionally purchase shellfish, but rarely do I go the straight fish route. You can probably count on one hand the number of attempts I have with fish.
Having such a delicate texture, my marinating, cooking methods and so forth have produced mostly crap. It doesn't taste good, nor does it look appetizing. Don't get me wrong, I do like fish...just not when I cook it. Feeling bold and confident I go for the Tilapia fillets that are on sale.

Finding no arugula in our produce section, I decide I want something crunchy so I grab everything I can think of...
endive, fennel and jicama. Then add some limes, oranges, starfruit and cilantro to the basket.

We're good to go!

Jicama resembles a turnip and is described by the helpful Hannaford's sign as having a potato texture and pineapple banana flavor.
The first and only time I have had jicama was on a family vacation a couple of years ago with my now in-laws to Amelia Island, Fl.
The creation of a crunchy slaw using this then strange ingredient was created by my loved Seattle Cuz and Uncle (in-laws & fellow foodies!). It was crunchy and delicious!!

The tilapia is seasoned and left to marinate in lime and olive oil.

The jicama peeled...

and sliced...

The CRUNCHIES mixed.

Now for the final plates!

Yes, the whitish grilled pile is my fish. While the flavor was great, the cooking method proved too much....Fish 1, Little Ms. Homemaker 0!



The salad was a beautiful sight! Colorful, citrusy, lite....and CRUNCHY! I'd likely make this again and do advise any readers to go bold and give it a try!!!

...suggestions for improvement are of course always welcome :O)

Overall a 6 on the Hubby's Food Scale.

Not to bad, we're making progress!!

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