Monday, November 30, 2009

MORE on The Bread Project -

Cheddar Jalapeno...
a little slice of heaven!

Dating back several years to our young puppy love days, my husband and I used to spend mini vacations at my now in-laws' lake house. Each trip, we were treated to amazing hospitality, breathtaking views and the most decadent bread we'd ever tasted...cheddar jalapeno!

From a small hearth oven bakery in the next town over, this bread was to die for. For breakfast, it's excellent as toast, for lunch it makes an awesome turkey a snack, it's just great straight up!
Now, we've tried to buy cheddar jalapeno bread from other sources, but none were ever as good...

The Bread Project has provided the perfect opportunity for me to experiment.

ATTEMPT #1 for a little slice of heaven - Straight from the recipes.

Not yet having the experience (aka guts) to attempt a total ad lib version of bread from scratch, I tried to carefully follow this recipe to a 'T'

We begin by activating my newly found friend, Yeast.

The goods are precisely measured.

Notice the chemistry major precision in these measurements...yup, that 4 year degree is showing some other signs of use in everyday life, thanks Mom & Dad!

It's mixed.

It begins to take form (this is between the 1st and 2nd rising)

We have real homemade BREAD!
Doesn't look too bad either...

BUT stay tuned, for this project is to be continued...

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