Monday, November 30, 2009

A CARE Package from VT

2 glasses of wine...means I've got a friend to cook with!

A CARE Package by definition (via google) is a generic term for a parcel of food or supplies sent for relief or comfort purposes. For authenticity I even thought about throwing in a can of SPAM...but unfortunately forgot, ugh!

My sister has been in Chicago for the last few years. Always having been big on family holidays, we're still not used to her not making home for Thanksgiving.

This year, inspired by a FB note she left, I decided to send her some of my experiments.

Sugar Cookies!
One of my favorite holiday treats are sugar cookies with delicious icing, so thought I'd give it a try -
We mix.

We wait.
We're ready to roll!

Can you guess who our guest star is?!?!?

Yup, some were over done...but enough to salvage.

Now for art co-host's natural talent.

Decorating was so much fun!
A great activity...for any adult!!

Take a look at this Maple Leaf!
I can't take any credit for this,
it's the raw artistic skills of my partner in crime!

A little taste of home...Maple Popcorn courtesy of The Homesteading Hussy (coursing her friend to spill the beans on his secret recipe)!
By the way, The Hussy is not only my friend/fellow hockey mate, but my inspiration for starting this blog!!!

The final FB report from Chicago - "Got the package! Thanks for all the treats.. already had 4 cookies--delicious! I can't wait to dig in to the rest of it! Thanks again!"
Love you lil' sis!!!!


  1. And they were delicious! Thank you so much.. and thanks to Tiff too (I saw her arm in the pics!)

  2. YES, you correctly figured out the guest win another CARE package haha! So glad you liked everything!!