Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sunday Therapy - Session 1, Part 1: The Bread Project

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Rosemary & Potato Focaccia – The greatest thing since sliced bread?

Last Saturday, my husband and I stopped by our friends’ house. Immediately upon entering I was overwhelmed by an absolutely delicious smell from the oven. I asked what the sweet aroma was and the reply - bread. Yup, turns out they bake their own bread each week! I was amazed and fired question after question to better understand their insanity. I mean really, who makes fresh bread every week?!?! This was absolute craziness…or so it seemed.

After some thought, it occurred to me that making bread does seem like a useful skill. In time of need, our friends could turn flour & yeast into bread…we on the other hand would be breadless!

Could it be true? Is the greatest thing since sliced bread actually homemade bread?!?! Motivated by our friends I decided to give it a try…with yeast and all!

Lucky for me F&W had a recipe for focaccia in this November's issue. Having most of the items already in stock at home, there were very few things I was going to need to make this first attempt at bread happen.

Perhaps the most intimidating element of this project is the use of active dry yeast. As a self-proclaimed non-baker, my need for yeast until now has been non-existent. However, for this bread challenge, I now must be keeper of this dormant microorganism!

The First Rising

Yeast, a magical creature whose gaseous CO2 side effect leavens bread giving it an airy texture.

The Second Rising

The millions of CO2 balloons distributed throughout the dough at the end of the first rising are deflated. The dough divided, brushed with yummy garlic olive oil and allowed to rise again.

Before -------------------------------------------> After

The Focaccia Wardrobe - Rosemary & Potato



  1. You will have to take some credit, since you're the one who put this idea for a blog in my head...thank you for that!!