Sunday, December 20, 2009

Pizza Night!

I have to honestly say, there is NO easier meal to make on the drop of a dime than pizza!
It's the perfect combination, after a loooonnngggg day of work. There is enough cooking to transition the mindset, but quick enough to get dinner on the table at a decent hour!
Of course it's easier to call up Domino's or your local pizzeria, but just a few essential tools of the trade can enable you to create pizzas better than you can buy!
Having just gotten married this summer, we are blessed with many new and generous gifts from our dear family and friends. Among the much appreciated loot are the pizza tools provided by B&A (fellow foodies and experimental home cooks!).
Well worth the investment...or if your lucky enough, to list on your wedding registry, are the following:

1) A square pizza stone. I say square purely based on feedback from B&A on their circular one. The square will be more when making breads!

2) A peel. Absolute lifesaver! You will prevent much frustration by keeping one of these around! [Some more friendly advice from B&A]

3) A large non-stick pizza cutter. I recommend the OXO Good Grip cutter, because that is what we have and we love it! My sister-in-law swears by hers, which she purchased at a Pampered Chef Party.

As you know by now, baking, doughs, etc are a little scary for me. With that said, I still have never attempted a homemade crust. Not to mention, pizza is usually reserved for those nights when I need to make something fast, but will also provide leftovers for my hubby's lunch the next day.

A couple of weeks ago I noticed a new pizza dough in the supermarket...


As a ME College grad, I LOVE and know Shipyard VERY well.

We gave it a try and loved it so much that it's now worth the extra 50 cents to upgrade from the Hannaford Pizza Crust!

As soon as I get home, I get the dough into a bowl with some flour to bring it to room temp and allow it to rise a bit.

While the dough rises I cook up some 'extra hot' sausage...
because a meal is not a meal, unless there is meat
(according to my husband).

Then chop up some peppers and onions.

[I really do LOVE this bowl set! A bridal shower gift from my Aunt...who is a wiz at baking I'll have you know!]

The #4 essential to great homemade pizza...Corn Meal!

It not only helps with transfer, but it also adds to the crust's texture!

After much try, I've finally figured our how to stretch the dough.

I also have to admit that being in a rush and not someone with room to can things, I copped out and used store bought pizza sauce.
Oh well, maybe someday we'll get there!
Now for my favorite part...ricotta cheese!

It really does sooo much for pizza and calzones :O)

Okay, now for more cheese.
Can you ever have enough??

The meat.


Hot peppers (of course)!

The final delicious pizza!

I did over cook it just a tad...
but it was still tasty!

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