Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I'm a flaky expressive that LOVES the double dough whole wheat

Last week I was a warrior of the road...while on my quest to dig up some business I had the privilege of attending/sponsoring an educational meeting for an association of prospective clients.

It was not a motivational session, but rather a supposed inspirational course. The topic -
Professional Renewal...
...Both In & Out of the Office

It was promoted to deliver information on " you can embark on “new beginnings” in your career, taking control of its direction and your contentment on the journey."

Did it work? Um, not sure yet, but it did have some impact.
What I have managed to take away are the results from my rigorous personal nature evaluation...I'm a professionally diagnosed EXPRESSIVE:

Expressives get involved with people in active, rapidly changing situations. These people are seen as socially outgoing and friendly, imaginative and vigorous. Because people react to behaviors as a result of their own value biases, some see the expressive style as dynamic and energetic while others perceive the same behavior as egotistical. Expressives can get things going, but may sometimes settle for less than the best in order to get on to something else. They lack tolerance for details, are highly competitive, and may need to learn to work with others in a collaborative manner.

Now don't get me wrong, I like the description for the most part and would like to consider a good deal of it true...but when she referred to these folks on occasion as flaky, I was kind of insulted!!

She later went on to emphasize we are social butterflies, which is quite fitting for my profession. OK, so maybe she made up for the flaky accusation in the end.

Now on the road I do not always eat well,
but I do often make an effort to eat the best...

Not the Ritz, but it's got an ironing board that works great as a kitchen table!
Can you guess what I had for dinner??

Well let me tell you, I had an amazing pizza
all to my flaky expressive self!

This trip took me back to my college town, which meant it was an absolute necessity to 1) have a Shipyard Pumpkin Head on tap; 2) enjoy a delicious Pat's Pizza and 3) bring some fine Gritty's Christmas Ale across the boarder.

Chicken Portabello w/Pesto on a
Double Dough Whole Wheat

Pat's pizza is really good but what makes this particular combination so freakin' great is the crust!

The texture and flavor are superfabulous!

This beautiful pizza is a hybrid of two Pat's Menu options. My husband and I came up with the idea to combine on one of his many visits to see me during my college days...

I was sure to bring him home the leftovers :O)


  1. Do you get Cook's Illustrated? There's a recipe for Deep Dish Crust this month you may enjoy.

  2. No, I don't. Only F&W at this point. If you have it, mind it I borrow it to make a copy? Since my sis moved to Chicago, I've been playing with deep dish crust recipes...would love to compare! Thanks for stopping by the blog!!!