Sunday, December 20, 2009

How High (aka Hot)?

One of my best friends K-T and her fiance came to visit last weekend.

We went out for Thai to end our long day of fighting crowds, a strange encounter with a power tripping crossing guard and the flat out stresses associated with holiday shopping!

Side note - BYOB is perhaps one of the best inventions.

The reason for our trip out...a fiery bowl of Thai Curry!

When we ordered we each requested our curry be hotter than normal. Usually you can say extra x 10 at most restaurants, only to be disappointed with something that barely tickles the tongue.

The waitress asked each of us on a scale of 1 to 5, how hot?
A 5 for me of course, K-T went with a 3
and her fiance a bold 4.

We drank, slurped our soups, munched on the apps...

and then came the curry...

the fire breathing Thai curry!

So delicious and WICKED HOT!!

We became was like a drug!
Our faces were flushed, tongues burning
and laughter filled the air!

To explain how hot...
we were high off this stuff, that was how hot!!
We ended the night rockin' out our high on guitar hero!
What a fabulous time!!
[P.S. I know there is not much cooking lately...but no worries, it's on the way!]

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