Thursday, December 10, 2009

Happy Happenstance

What better way to end the long All American Weekend of Thanks[giving], than with a Korean Feast!

I make these dishes so often, it didn't occur to me until after that I should have documented the process for folks.

For this no brainer feast the auto-pilot was set and the post-turkey day [Saturday, Nov 28th] therapy began...

Korean Dumplings (Yakimondu) w/Sauce
Dumpling Soup
Rolled Eggs

Pork w/Red Leaf Lettuce
White Rice
Hot Bean Paste Sauce
Cabbage Kimchis
Cucumber Kimichis
Sesame Spinach

My Kimchi Trays

The Mouthwatering Hot Bean Paste & Sesame Spinach

The final table spread!

Tabletop cooking, spicy mouthfuls, plenty of drinks...

and a game of Cranium!
food + drink + friends = happy happenstance

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