Monday, March 29, 2010

Preamble to Cooler Full-o-Lisai's: Part III

Who could not love a dinner party...especially when it's with fun, food loving, friends like B&A?!?!?!

Preamble to Part III of Cooler Full-o-Lisai's...


Had this not been the same lazy Saturday that Hubs and I made our hearty breakfast, I might have aimed a bit higher on my APP-PLATTS...but I have no regrets to the laziness, or lack of planning. Nope, none whats so ever!!

This day at home, with no where to go and nothing to do, was just what the doctor ordered as we approached and prepared for the final push of March Madness.

Sweet Potato Dippers

I stumbled upon some sweet potato crackers/chip things on sale at the grocery store. This sight of these immediately triggered memories of a small micro brew-pub that serves awesome sweet potato fries accompanied by a sweet homemade chive-sour cream type of dipping sauce.

My attempts at recreating this wonderful dipping sauce, which I have such fond (yet vague) memories of included:

Creme Fraiche + Chives + Honey + Salt/Pepper

There you have it.

Store bought sweet potato chips and sweet chive dip...really labor intensive eh?

While I did add just a touch too much honey, the dip was pretty good. It seems this is yet another dips that improves over time and one that I suspect would be delicious on all sorts of things!

Green Salsa & Red Hots

B&A have gifted us much of their homemade bottled goodness over the months. As amazing as the fact that they bake their own bread each week (inspiring The Bread Project), they also create wonderful canned goods straight from their garden!!

Here is some of their wicked good Green Salsa. I had some Red Hot Blues in the cupboards and decided the two would make a great spicy pair.

Shrimp Cocktail & Smoked Clams

Other than arranging these plates, there is not too much for me to take credit for. The shrimp cocktail was a must, since B (of B&A) was so wild about them at our New Years get together.

As for the smoked clams, these were sort of after thought, but appropriate. B&A are among the few and far between fans of smoked shellfish!


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