Monday, March 8, 2010

Happy Tax Return!

I really look forward to tax season...mostly because at this point in life my taxes happen to be easy peezy, with a guaranteed return.
I always use some (if not all) of it to treat myself to something I otherwise would not have done/purchased.
2008: Spending money for a trip to Chicago
2009: New Pandora bracelet and bead
2010 [Married life now, Hubs has encouraged me to try saving it]: Ultimately, I decided this year I would save some of it, but still give myself a little treat...

I've wanted this recipe collection for months and now I have it :-D

I also indulged just a bit further and picked up a couple of other smaller cookbooks. One is on learning the ratios for making just about anything and the other on a world of dumplings.

Having flipped through Ad Hoc several times in the 48 hours I've had it in my possession...I'm getting anxious!!! Already the calendar is full and my weeknights booked with lots to do.

It looks like Mr. Keller and I will have sneak in our first date this Friday, after 5pm in my kitchen...with Hubs joining us for dinner of course!!


  1. Nice - I've wanted that book for awhile. Looking forward to seeing what you create.

  2. I highly recommend the beef stroganoff...the meatballs are really good too.

  3. FUN!! love getting new cookbooks. I've been interested in Ratio for a while -- you'll have to let us know how it goes!

  4. Pam - I am just in love with flipping through it...the photos are amazing!

    Heather! - Awesome you came by to check things out. Thanks for the recommendations...I LOVE the beef stroganoff picture too. Perhaps we'll start there :O)

    Bethany - that is the exact book! I'll let you know. I just read through the short introduction last night. All in all pretty motivating. Lots on baking ratios, seem like it might be a great book for you too!!