Friday, April 20, 2012

Prengancy in a Nutshell

Hello all!  Any of you still here?!?  It's been a good LONG time since I've stopped by...but here I am.  I've been through the bump, now have a three and half month old, and am wearing my glorious lingering baby weight like the badge of honor it so honestly is haha!

Soo...pregnancy was a fantastic experience and perhaps one of the tops in my life.  I loved being pregnant, I loved my big (no wait HUGE) belly and I, to be quite honest, was sad to know that it was going to come to an end.

My taste for food did change quite a bit, my diet was mostly carbs and protein.  Oh and yes, lots of sweets!!  Turns out I had a boy, a large one at that :)

During pregnancy I refrained from eating soft cheese (pasteurized or not), shellfish, smoked meats, deli meat, yada yada yada...
I was good, I played by the rules and didn't even drink a drop of alcohol during my bout with the bump.
I did loose my taste for most chicken and vegetables by the end.  We literally for months ate just a menu of pork and beef, ground turkey & ground chicken.  Hubs was a great sport through it and almost always let me indulge in cravings.
I ate plenty of Ben and Jerry's, enough that we should have bought stock in the company at the start of the nine months.  We did try to be good and keep to the low fat frozen yogurt.  Which by the way they only sell in three flavors...!  Come on Ben and Jerry, don't you know your delicious pints are a mandatory addition to every pregnant woman's diet?!?!  Can you please show us mercy by increasing your low-fat offerings that so perfectly satisfy our cravings?  Especially so the guilt we feel afterwards is lessened...I mean come on, we have enough to worry about post birth than to sweat the extra ice cream pounds.
I loved cheese pizza.  Honestly I loved all pizza....but there was something about a single slice of New York Style Cheese that hit the spot.
I also loved bagels and bagel sandwiches.  By the end of the pregnancy my local bagel shop was used to seeing me at least a couple times a week on my way into the office.  Some days it was just a cream cheese, others it was my sausage egg and cheese with warmed jalapeno...yum!
Gummy worms.  I loved Black Forrest gummy worms.  I most often enjoyed these sweets while on the golf course, they were the perfect little snack :)
I was delighted by pancakes.  Actually once the baby 'dropped' I could eat a breakfast that would rival any lumberjack...2 gingerbread pancakes, 2 scrambled eggs with cheddar, home fries with creamy herb gravy from the best breakfast joint in town!
I craved spice....and heat was no match for me and my gigantic belly.  My go-to was a spicy ground chicken creation we began to enjoy almost weekly (I'll post this recipe at some point, because we still enjoy it!).  Banana peppers were my pickles by the end, I loved their briny spiciness on everything.
Another story to share would be my weeks long attempts to get things moving - El Gato, 5 pepper chili, more spicy chicken, yoga poses, big meals, massage oil...and just willing him out!
My 40 Week Lunch Out at El Gato Cantina...
we pulled out the big guns for this one ;)

I am sure I will reminisce at some point over those 9 months and 2 weeks of bumptastic fun, but for now that's my pregnancy in a nutshell and official return to the blog :)

To the blogging community/friends, here he only...The Kiddo!
The Kiddo:  Born at 42 Weeks, he was 10lbs 9oz and measured 23 inches long

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