Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tis the Season for Patios and Summertime Salads

What is Summer without patios and summertime salads?!?!

My inspiring recipe was Broccoli Salad from my good friend, Minne-sot-da, which she so kindly provided me at my bridal shower a couple of years ago  :)

Side Note:  This was such a GREAT idea, I have to share it!!  My sister in law, and later my bff/bridesmaid,  provided blank recipe cards to shower guests.  Each guest was asked to share a recipe with us, the soon to be Mr. and Mrs.  The initial contributors were sisters, grandmothers, aunts, cousins and good friends.

Among the generous wedding gifts, this was perhaps one of my favorite items at the end of the day...Hubs and I had the start of a wonderful family recipe box!  

Since then I have continued to add to this box, noting on cards where recipes first premiered or were received.  When I look through it now I have happy and fond memories of the person and/or event behind the recipe...and I know it will be a lasting memory and wonderful tradition for our children.  

Being the planner and daydreamer I am, each time I add a new recipe I take a moment to ponder what it will be like to share with my children the story behind each one  :)  

OK, now back to Broccoli Salad...YUM!

I had not had this salad in YEARS!!!

It's something about the combo that makes this such a satisfying summer salad...

Cool crunchy broccoli, sweetened mayo, dried cranberries, crisp/salty bacon and savory red onion.  

I also decided to try this Roasted Edamame Salad...I think the recipe came from foodnetwork.com

Pretty simple, but quite refreshing.

Roasted edamame and corn, tossed with fresh tomatoes, onion and basil...dressed with olive oil, vinegar and salt/pepper.

It's a keeper and will be made again...with the potential of being added to the family recipe box under the index of 'Salads' ;)

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