Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Vermont City Marathon

Each Memorial Day Weekend thousands of runners gather in btown to run the Vermont City Marathon.

I was told there were some crazy 8,000 folks participating in the event!
Nope I was not even close to being one of the runners...
but we were asked to help out at the Mile 20 Water Station!

Did you know there is a special table for 'Elite Runners'?!?

It was a fantastic experience and hope to do it again!  I was able to catch family, hockey players, and SoVT Gals running their hearts out...some for causes and others simply for their own personal achievement.

While I am sure most of the runners carbo-loaded, hydrated and got a good night's rest...here is what we did the evening before to gear up for the big race:

Oh yes, homemade Fish and Chips!

A sort of last minute decision, this dinner turned into a quite enjoyable date night with Hubs. 

We'd never made beer batter before...but holy heck was it easy and DELICIOUS!!!

We used Cod (it was on sale), a couple of Sweet Potatoes we had lying around the kitchen and a lone IPA from the fridge.

Everything was fried...yup, deep fried in 100% oil :)

The beer batter was super simple...
1 bottle of Microbrew
2 cups Flour
Garlic Powder

Mix it all together and you have a thick and fantastic beer batter to dip in.

Simply dip the fish pieces into the batter, then into some dry flour and plop right into the hot oil.

The beer does make the difference, we could really taste the hops of the IPA.  I think that is something we'll play with again and test out some new brews to see what they offer :)