Tuesday, November 30, 2010

This is My Kinda Party!

Around this time last year I threw Hubs an
'Oh no, the BIG 3-0' party
and it was a success!!

I even recall making the comment 'we should do that again!' during our hungover clean up mission the next morning...

Having not created the blog then, you all missed out on the happenings...well a few of you at least, pretty sure some of my readers were present  ;)

Luckily for me we once again had reasons to put on another!

The Menu, a hugely important factor to any party...or at least the ones you have when you're 'all grown up' haha!

When considering the menu, I was initially consumed by the thoughts of going Martha-Ina style...oh how fun and different! 

I was seriously looking forward to the challenges of new recipes and gaining some great blog notes...a 'proper' party was what was on my mind  :oD

That is until Hubs was asked for his thoughts (it was his party after all)...
Being the wise man he is, his simple suggestion was that we
'give the people what they want!'

What do our family and friends love more than anything...
Our Korean Feast!

An all day process, it all began with 10 lbs of short ribs, 10 lbs of chicken, 6 lbs of ground beef and 2 cans of spam...

The short ribs and chicken were cut, marinated Korean-style, skewered and grilled.

The beef provided hundreds of yakimondu...which of course are fried (that's why they are so darn good!).

The spam...well that is for my mother's famous fried rice. 
Are you weirded out by it?  I dare you to try just one bite of this rice...you'll be back for more!! 

Blue Light went BIG for the party too and called upon her talents as a baker and provided an extensive array of sweets including:  Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting, Brownies, Pecan Pie and Sparklers (chocolate dipped pretzels with sprinkles!).

As you can imagine there was a lot of food, for a lot of people...and shame on me, I was so carried away with the evening's events that I forgot to take pictures.  I am very appreciative of Blue Light for snapping these few!!

Thank you Hubs, Blue Light and Mama Sox for your incredible contributions...I tend to get a little crazy in the final hours and your help maintained my sanity!


There is nothing better than bringing together great food, good drinks and fabulous family/friends!!


  1. Korean food is one of my favorite foods out there and everything on that table looks delicious.

  2. It was all delicious! Definitely should be repeated! Maybe for my birthday?!