Monday, November 22, 2010

First Time Since...Habits have changed

Perhaps my biggest fear, next to Hubs being sent overseas into the unknown zones of safety, was that we would change. 
Around the time of his departure I shared my fear that things would never be just the way they were then

My worry was that overtime, being the humans we are, we wouldn't be able to help but evolve... which meant we would ultimately change through our separate experiences. 

With this all said, does that mean, when the individuals' changes occur separately, it will cause the relationship to evolve and change as well?

Well the answer to that is YES. 

To be on the same page, we need to meet somewhere in the middle of all the change, leaning and calling upon our will to compromise.  Many relationships deal with change...change from day to day and over long periods of time.  For the soldiers and their families, these changes just come with the territory of deployment.  Some are experienced, others are naturals...and then there are those who struggle to make change work.

In the first few days reunited, I sensed and knew there was change...

For instance Hubs shed about 30 lbs over in the 115 degree heat of the desert...and me, well I lost close to that due to a combination of pathetic 'meals' (I lost my mojo to cook after all) and my hobby of walking pups.  I am not sure what his thoughts were of me at first glance (he is not one to vocalize his feelings well), but he looked to me like the guy I met 12+ years ago in high school...with just a few more lines of character in his face. 

Perhaps there was also the fact we were not together, living in our world of food exploration/indulgence?  Maybe no longer being my guinea pig and held accountable for the Hubs Food Ratings was helpful, topped off by the fact he had time to hit the gym six days a week?  Whatever the reason(s)...there it was right before me, physical change.

Seeing physical change is one thing, but what about behavioral changes?  Still regaining his VT footing, it was not until the daily dance of 'what would you like to eat?' that I realized how much change had occurred. 

Being away for seven months, I would have thought indulgence would be on the plate for those first few meals I cooked up...our special burgers, braised ribs, mexican creations with lots of cheese, guacamole, so on and so forth.  Instead I was blind sided by a new Hubs...he was now a man 'conscious' of what he was eating.

So for the first meal I documented...we had fish.

For my longtime followers you know fish has always intimidated me a bit, perhaps even been my kyrptonite at one point...

and now here it was, in my kitchen AT THE REQUEST OF HUBS! 

A blue moon? No. 

Worlds colliding?  Perhaps to some degree. 

We now had Hubs...the red meat loving, 'a meal is not a meal unless there is meat' Hubs, asking for fish!!

He was specific however in how he wanted his fish...a white fish that was citrus and dry.  Can you imagine someone asking you to overcook and deliver a well, well-done steak?!?!?  Dry fish was now Hubs' taste. 

As for me?  I LOVE thick cuts of fish, when cooked are perfectly flaky...but NOT dry!  Lucky for me I was able to buy a filleted fish that offered thick and thin sections.

I seasoned it up with EVOO, garlic, lemon zest, parsley, salt and pepper.

Now the next change had to do with sides.  Typically we have one veg and some rice or potato...however the new Hubs requested 'double side of veg!'

We went with Zucchini and Spinach...'because he didn't get those overseas.'

There is nothing a little garlic and onion won't fix! 

He said he wanted everything steamed...ugh!  I had to explain to him that 'healthy' doesn't have to mean boring or I added my own go-to 'BAM!'

All to accompany of course...

Roasted Fish.

Our 'Fish Dinner with Double Side of Veg.'

Change being what it is, I am willing to compromise and go along with this new attitude about food.  I enjoy the feeling of eating 'healthier', but still need and want to indulge. 

Will Hubs give in?  Yeah I think so. 

Bottom line I do owe it to him and all his hard work toward getting healthy to also accommodate and respect his attempt to improve and health'ify our lives. 

Yes, change happens...sometimes it expected, good and beneficial. 
Do you have to love change?  No. 
Accept it?  I guess only if you want to.

This is now a new chapter to our lives with a new theme, or rather style, to lie in the background of its narration.  There have been several 'changes' we are dealing with...for instance another minor one is we've eaten cod and 'COD' (aka Call of Duty) has become a daily aspect of life.  All in all, I've been surprised at how many of our typical, or known habits, have resurfaced too!

Will the 'consciousness' of food stick?  I guess I hope to some degree. 

Do I look forward to our still to come indulgence?  Why yes, of course!

Change happens...well 'shit happens.' 
For better or for worse, you deal with it and move on :)

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  1. Thanks for your message about my Thanksgiving dinner plans! I can tell you the mashed potato casserole and the scalloped corn are MUST HAVES! I bring them to thanksgiving and christmas gatherings all of the time! Everyone RAVES about them and always asks me to bring them for other gatherings. Let me know if you end up trying one!